An anime girl placeholder service. Not the one you need, but the one you deserve.

Ever wanted to use some placeholder images for your website and came across... that?

It's convenient I guess, but nobody wants to look at this. Instead you want to look at cute anime girls... trust me.


All you have to do is add an img tag like this and you'll get a random image at the right size.

<img src="">
View all images here


There are multiple endpoints you can use to change the target image sizes.

EndpointDescriptionResponse Type
/imageRandom image of any dimensionimage/svg+xml
/image/:sizeRandom square image of length :sizeimage/svg+xml
/image/:width/:heightRandom image of :width x :height dimensionsimage/svg+xml
/imagesA full list of all base64 encoded imagesapplication/json

Example /images response

    "name": "aoba",
    "source": "",
    "height": 1000,
    "width": 750,
    "format": "png",
    "data": "--base64--"
⚠ Images are returned as SVG so and not in the image/png format. Results may be unexpected when using curl or fetch.

Available filters

Image endpoints have a few filters that you can pick from and combine. greyscale and blur allow you to, well, make your images blurry or greyscale.

You can also combine the filters as well

Adding new images

If you're interested in adding new images, make sure to head over to the github repository and submit a pull request.